Safe Sanctuary Forms & Certification

  In order to comply with the guidelines of the United Methodist Church everyone needs to be safe sanctuary trained.    Our training has 5 different sections that need to be completed and turned into the children’s ministries office

#1- Volunteer Application: Completed signed and dated (references will be checked by the children’s and student ministries office)

#2- Tomball Background Investigation Consent: Completed signed and dated

#3- Tomball UMC Medical Waiver and Permission:  Completed signed and dated

#4  To read the TUMC Safe Sanctuary policy and return the Consent of Receipt of Tomball UMC  Policy

#5 Safe Sanctuary Certification Test; The test can be taken at the following web
address; this link will include instruction for completing the test.  Test should take between 5-15 minutes to complete.  Once completed please print off  certification copy and return to Tomball UMC.


Click on Forms below to complete: