all i want for christmas

Sermon Series: All I Want for Christmas
December 1, 2019 to December 24, 2019

Weekly sermons

December 1, 2019


The people of Israel had been waiting for Messiah for generations. They knew He was coming because God had promised it. 

December 8, 2019


Gabriel told Zechariah that his son John was coming to bring change.

December 15, 2019


The angel told Joseph that Jesus would “Save the people from their sins.”

December 22, 2019


Gabriel came to Mary and told her she was going to bear a son…an not just any boy, but one who would be the Son of God, the great King of Israel, who’s kingdom would never end. 

December 24, 2019


The most amazing gift of all is that God came to live among us…to know who we are and what we feel and to offer us the light of His presence in the darkness of our lives.