Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

tell me the stories of jesus

Sermon Series: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
October 13, 2019 to November 24, 2019

Weekly sermons

October 13, 2019

we’ve always done it that way

Jesus came to give the world a new message…that we can have personal relationship with the God of the universe…that we can find hope and wholeness amid the chaos and struggles of this life…and that we will find eternal life with Him in heaven. 

October 20, 2019

the home gardner

 In hearing the parable of the sower, we often focus first on the types of soil in the story and work from there. 

October 27, 2019

from nurture to refuge

There is more to being a Christ follower than going to church and reading a few random passages of scripture. 

November 3, 2019

a debt of gratitude

The wicked tenants in this parable had three problems, all of which could have been easily overcome.

November 10, 2019

together or apart

The Pharisees accused Jesus of using the power of Satan to do the miraculous things He did. 

November 17, 2019

Candles and floodlights

 The parable of the Lamp shows us an important part of how we share the message of hope with the world…by being a beacon of light to the people in our lives at home, school, work, in the community and around the world. 

November 24, 2019

the time is now

We see it all around us…the signs that the world is in chaos and in need of a Savior. 

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