Tomball UMC Youth Scavenger Hunt COVID-19

Tomball umc youth scavenger hunt covid-19

  • Each completed task earns 1 point

  • Most points by the end of quarantine wins a $50 gift card (CFA or Whataburger) (or first to complete all tasks)

  • All items must have picture or video evidence sent to Kat via Text or Email.

  • Ensure you receive confirmation for a received photo/video.

  • You can only combine up to 2 tasks in one picture or video entry.

  • Each picture/video entry must be clearly stated with what task(s) it is for.

  • Tomball UMC reserves the right to report any pictures/videos on the church social media pages.

  • For 7th-12th graders (others can compete for fun) 

Task List
  • Complete a puzzle (minimum 250 pieces, at least 5 progress pictures required…make a time lapse from start to finish for one extra point!)

  • Learn how to shuffle cards (video required)

  • Start to finish – Do a load of your laundry

  • Watch a cartoon on mute and make your own dialog for the characters

  • Send a screenshot of your phone on 14% battery

  • Give your parents a hug (or air hug)

  • Design and make a paper airplane, fly it, and measure how far it flew

  • Learn the alphabet in sign language

  • Color a picture

  • Make a church/youth group themed Tik Tok or short video

  • Play a board game/card game with your family

  • Make a unique musical instrument

  • Make a meal for/with your family

  • Find a pet rock, name it, and design their own shoe box paradise

  • Make a time capsule

  • Write a song

  • Build a castle from Legos

  • Write a letter and mail it to a family member that lives far away

  • Clean out under your bed

  • Do a one minute wall sit

  • Successfully complete 2 minute to win it games

  • Write 3 things you’re grateful for

  • Search online for a scholarship and apply for it

  • Invite 2 friend to follow the Youth Instagram page

  • Lip sing to your favorite (clean) song

  • Bake something

  • Take a walk

  • Find five things in your house/closet to done to TEAM

  • Watch the sunrise or sunset

  • Make an indoor campsite

  • Have a pillow fight

  • Join a least two of our Zoom Youth meetings on Wednesdays

  • Practice playing an instrument

  • Memorize 3 Bible verses you don’t already know

  • Wash yours or your parents vehicles

  • Make an origami crane

  • Make a nest of sticks/leaves/grass that will hold an egg

  • Make a quarantine themed Tik Tok or short video

  • Call an elderly neighbor/church member to see if they need anything (ask Kat for name/numbers if needed!)

  • Build a house of cards (at least 4 stories tall)

  • Read a book

  • Make your own at home work out with at least 3 exercises

  • Make a family tree

  • Make a video tutorial explaining how to do something you’re good at

  • Make a Tik Tok or short video in slow motion

  • Read an entire book of the Bible

  • Send Kat two new ideas for Youth

  • Do 30 minutes of yard work for your parents or a neighbor

  • Make a bizarre snack and eat it

  • Clean the baseboards of two rooms

  • Learn the definition of “absquatulate” and use it casually in a text message

  • Find 3 interesting facts about the book of Acts

Youth Announcements March 2020


Tomball UMC Youth Ministry

Cancelled Events

  • Midweek 3/18 & 3/25
  • Confirmation 3/22 & 3/29

Postponed Events

  • Lock  Out 4/3.. Date TBD

Be on the lookout..

  • Devotionals on Social Media!
  • Video meetings
  • Video lessons

Questions? Contact

youth sunday school

Youth 7th to 12th grade join us every Sunday in the Faith Building Rooms 16/17 from 9:45 am -10:45 am. We are walking through the Bible and learning each story through video, art, scripture, and discussion. 

Everyone Welcome!


confirmation class

Confirmation is you choosing to claim the name of Jesus Christ publicly. This is a huge and important step in your faith journey! We will meet Sundays 5:30-7:00 pm.  Ages 8th grade and up. 

Everyone Welcome!

midweek bible study

Mid Week Bible Study 7th-12th grade. This is an ongoing bible study every Wednesday at 7:00 pm-8:30 pm. Everyone Welcome!

Big House Mission Trip

Big House are our youth mission trips for all those 5th-8th grade respectively. Students will participate in mission work (yard work, painting, construction, etc.), programs, worship, and fellowship together! 

UM Army

U.M. Army are our youth mission trips for all those  8th-12th grade respectively. Students will participate in mission work (yard work, painting, construction, etc.), programs, worship, and fellowship together! 

Lakeview Summer Camp

Children & Youth! 

Summer Camp July 5th-20th, 2020 for all 3rd-12th graders

Completed 3rd-6th

Completed 7th-12th grade: $330*

*Youth Service Reward points can be applied. Contact Kat at

winter 19 shirts

Get your Tomball UMC Youth Ministry Winter 19 shirt!  Gray long sleeve shirt with logo on front chest and “I LIKE YOUR SHIRT” on the sleeve.

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